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Frequently asked questions

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions in relation to the EVAPO-RUST Super Safe Rust Remover. We also recommend watching the Video Guide Tutorials and visiting the Resource Centre on this website. However, if you still require assistance with EVAPO-RUST product applications, please get in touch we can provide professional information and advice. If you require the EVAPO-RUST product MSDS material safety data sheet or TDS technical data sheet, please contact EVAPO-RUST (UK) Customer Services – we only send this documentation on receiving a request for the information.

EVAPO-RUST uses “selective chelation” a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Also, the active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST bonds exclusively to the iron in iron oxide – not in steel.

No. EVAPO-RUST contains detergents which can penetrate dirt and oil. However, surface contaminants can slow down the process and shorten the life span of EVAPO-RUST. Ideally heavy greases and cosmoline should be removed prior to de-rusting.

Yes, the process will take around 30 minutes. Powder coating and paints that do not contain oxides won’t be removed. Also, anodising will not be removed.

No, it will NOT clean (or damage) any of these metals. The product will NOT harm, plastic, clothing or glass either.

High carbon steel and tool alloy steel items will have a darker appearance when de-rusted. However, don’t worry the carbon can be easily removed with a cloth.

No, EVAPO-RUST only works in liquid form, since the water in the solution will evaporate when sprayed. However, it can be sprayed on non-rusted steel as a rust preventative.

Easy, place a sponge soaked in EVAPO-RUST over the rusted area. Then cover the sponge with a plastic wrap and tape by sealing to prevent moisture from escaping. Finally remove the sponge and wrap within 24 hours and rinse the object with water.

1 litre of EVAPO-RUST will remove moderate rust from approximately 30kg of steel. If any of the bath evaporates, simply replace with fresh tap water.

The bath will turn completely black and will no longer remove any rust.

Pure EVAPO-RUST can be safely poured into the drain. When the solution is spent, only the iron content will dictate the disposal method.