Rust easily removed from old retro bicycle wheels

I was restoring my dad’s old beach cruiser and the wheels were so rusty, I tried to buy new ones. When I took it them to the bicycle shop they said I had to keep them if I was restoring the bike; “you might as well buy a new bike” is what they told me. They were completely brown, so I didn’t think there was any way to restore them. But I went on Amazon and found this product. I poured into a plastic container lined with a trash bag and soaked the wheels overnight. After soaking overnight, they were already about 60% clean. But then I took some steel wool and dipped into the liquid to remove the rest of the rust. The rest of the rust just melted off. I barely did any scrubbing. I spent about 20 minutes on each wheel and they were completely shiny! This product was amazing. The bicycle wheels look brand new.


2018-06-13T15:27:45+00:00 June 13th, 2018|Evapo-Rust, Testimonials|