Q Europe are now the European distributor for Evapo-Rust

The World’s best rust and corrosion removing product Evapo-Rust is now widely available throughout Europe. Q Europe located in Manchester, United Kingdom are now the European distributors for this legendary Super Safe Rust Remover born in the USA. The company unveiled a comprehensive marketing strategy plan during the Cologne Show to increase awareness of this unique product throughout Europe to promote rapid growth.

Rust removal has never been easier or safer

A product of extensive research, EVAPO-RUST® rust remover is an environmentally-safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes, without scrubbing. It’s so easy to use, anyone can restore their rusted tools, auto parts, even firearms to like-new condition. One gallon de-rusts up to 300 lbs. of steel.

  • Removes even heavy rust completely
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe on skin
  • No fumes or bad odours, non-flammable, no VOC’s
  • Biodegradable, water soluble
  • Requires no special equipment
  • Will not harm clean steel, safe on other metals
  • Will not affect plastic, PVC, Viton and most paints

For more information on this exciting rust remover product or to become a stockist please get in touch today.

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