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How to use the EVAPO-RUST Super Safe Rust Remover product guide

The innovative environmentally friendly EVAPO-RUST product has made rust removal easier with 3 easy steps, no scrubbing involved! The product contains NO solvents, acids or toxic chemicals and the biodegradable water soluble solution is also safe on skin. The product is very economical and reusable with 1 litre of EVAPO-RUST able to easily remove moderate rust from approximately 30kg of steel.

The non-flammable excellent rust inhibitor will not harm non-rusted steel and can be safely disposed of by pouring into drains once it can no longer be reused. The product will NOT harm, plastic, clothing, glass or non-rusted steel. Once the EVAPO-RUST product can’t be reused, it will turn completely black and will no longer remove any rust.

Also, even though the EVAPO-RUST product contains detergents that can penetrate dirt, oil, grease and other surface contaminants. We strongly recommend cleaning the objects with a degreaser prior to immersing into the EVAPO-RUST bath to increase the lifespan of the reusable product.


Start pouring the product into a container a sufficient amount of EVAPO-RUST to completely cover the rusted object. Please note if the object is too large for immersing into the container place a sponge soaked in EVAPO-RUST over the rusted area. Then cover the sponge with a plastic wrap and tape by sealing to prevent moisture from escaping.


Place the rusted object into the EVAPO-RUST solution for 30 minutes (light rust) or up to overnight (heavy rust). EVAPO-RUST uses “selective chelation” a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution to remove the rust.


Remove the treated object from the EVAPO-RUST bath and clean the item with water. If deep rust remains evident, re-immerse in EVAPO-RUST and repeat the process. Please be aware high carbon steel and tool alloy steel items will have a darker appearance when de-rusted. However, don’t worry the carbon can be easily removed with a cloth. Please note if rust is still evident place the object back into the EVAPO-RUST bath and repeat the process.

Rust removal has never been easier with no scrubbing involved, watch the EVAPO-RUST video guide tutorial demonstrations.