Evapo-Rust worked great cleaning some old tools

This worked great at cleaning up some old files and tools.

Just clean off oils first, then soak the tools in a bucket with the Evapo-Rust.

Then clean off the residue with water, dry and spray with a rust inhibitor like Evapo-Rust RB015 Rust Inhibitor – 16 oz..

I soaked most of the files and tools for about a day, mostly because I forgot about them.

One file was in bad shape and I left it over the weekend and it came out pretty good.

Remember that this cant put back metal that¹s rusted away. It just removes the rust. So if something is pitted, you will be left with the pits, free of rust but still pitted.

This was definitely a good thing to get and I’m very happy with the purchase!


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