Evapo-Rust is magic at cleaning Nuts & Bolts

OH MY GOD!!! This Evapo-Rust is magic. I used it on cleaning my nuts and bolts that were extremely rusty; it cleared the rust in a couple of hours. Here’s a list of pros and cons I made for this product. I didn’t feel bad about wasting any of the product because it is completely re-usable, after I was done and happy with my results (so happy/amazed I started playing with this product and started using it on random rusty tools I found around my workshop) I just put it back in the jug.


    • Very effective
    • Reusable
    • No smell (at least with my nose)
    • Easy to store in a corner and use it only when needed


    • Not easy to put product back in the jug (with funnel very easy of course)
    • Slightly expensive (but is an investment because it is reusable and saves money but not having to replace tools)
    • Stir every 30 min (I found works best)
    • Not very fast results


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