Evapo-Rust is fantastic at restoring old bikes

Fantastic rust remover. Drop the parts in a container, pour enough of this to cover and let sit a minimum of one day. I’m restoring an old bike that had been stored outside near the beach. All the steel parts were rusted. This stuff did a great job eating the rust. Once the rust was gone, I pulled the parts and rinsed them with clean water. At this point, I was able to sand prime and paint.

I had initially started sanding the rust by hand, not only was it a long and arduous task, but it was nowhere near as thorough as the Evapo-rust. There is a minor very mild smell so I recommend using it in the garage or on the porch. I was able to retrieve the cleaned parts from the bath with my bare hands and while it felt a bit slimy there were no ill effects to my hands. Highly recommended product.


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